Frequently Asked Questions



Will PSO work for me?

Like anything else, statistically speaking, this will work exceptionally well for anyone and everyone. The results will speak for themselves. However, there is always a very, very small percentage of people for which nothing really works. This is a natural and common encounter. There is not much we can do about this 

Is PSO expensive?

I call this the Ferrari of supplements at the price of a Lexus! It is a great deal for the one who wants the best of the best. All ingredients bought separately would be more than 400$. PSO is a fraction of that. This justifies the price being 3-4 times the price of common one a day junk supplements available on the market.

Why is PSO so special?

PSO is designed and formulated by a "real-life" MD based  on thousands of hours of research, observations, and patient interactions. It is specially formulated to bypass specific genetic defects more or less present in all of us. It is indeed way more than "optimum" it is in the "Power Zone". 

Are patients loving it?

Yes, we have many great testimonials from very happy patients and clients! Please go to the testimonials section and check it out!

Is PSO really the best multi supplement you can find?

I searched the market many times and no supplement can match the power, the balance and strength of its' ingredients. In fact we used to offer a free bottle and $100 to anyone who finds a better overall formula on the market.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on individual orders.  

Are there any side effects?

The vast majority of patients have absolutely no problems with it. Once in a while, in very rare someone may get a stomach upset because they do not eat before taking them. PSO is specifically designed to be taken after a meal.

Can I find PSO online or in stores?

At the present time PSO is only available through our website. It is not available on amazon, online retailers or normal stores.

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